We couldn’t have done this project without the help of incredible friends and family:



Adrian Yap took a leap of faith with us on this project, by filming and editing the entire film. This has been as much a labour of love for him as it has been for us

Francis Cobb composed the beautiful background audio. His portfolio can be found at

Joe Loy of Brightlights Studio in Sentul cleaned, mixed, and edited all the audio for the video in the most professional and efficient manner possible

The very talented Alena Murang provided the Sape overtones. She can be contacted at 

Worship Central Malaysia for providing us audio support through Francis and Joe Loy, who are part of Worship Central Malaysia

Martha Tagal, Natalie Ng, Li-Na Kee, Khoo Hsien Liang for logistical and moral support throughout the filming and editing of the video, and for standing in as back-up film crew

Joyce Tagal for building this website and for her endless support and love

Behind the scenes

We are also so thankful for our family and friends who provided oral history for the making of this video. Here are some pictures of the making of the video, and some information about the people in the video.


Tagal Paran was one of the key revivalists and leaders during the Ba’Kelalan Revival. In 1973, while serving in a bible school, he returned to Ba’Kelalan to pastor the people and provide spiritual oversight

Rangai Tagal is one of the daughters of Tagal Paran. She represents the generation that came out of the revival, having grown up with vivid memories of the dramatic events of the revival

Phillip Soh is a pastor from West Malaysia and ived in Ba’Kelalan for 9 years, learning the language of the people and becoming a translator for them